Ulcerative Colitis

When you live with chronic pain, you never tell the truth. When someone asks you how you are or how you feel. You lie & say, I’m fine or I’m ok, & you smile this is the condition of an ulcerative colitis patient. It is an inflammatory bowel disease that causes inflammation & ulcers formation in the digestive tract. This chronic disease affects the innermost lining of the large intestine and rectum. Ulcerative colitis can sometimes lead to a life-threatening condition if not treated at the proper time.

What are the Signs & Symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis?

Depending upon the severity of inflammation the signs and symptoms of ulcerative colitis patients may vary:

  • Loose stools with blood or pus
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Fever
  • Presence of mucus in stool
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pain in the rectal region
  • Loss of appetite
  • General weakness
  • Bodyache
  • Bloating

What are the Causes of Ulcerative Colitis?

Ulcerative colitis is a disease that may aggravate due to excessive stress and dietary changes. The exact cause of this disease is unknown. Weak immune system attack the cells of the digestive tract that ultimately shows the signs and symptoms related to this disease. The family history also plays a role in the formation of ulcerative colitis.

What are the Different Types of Ulcerative Colitis?

According to the location & severity the different types of Ulcerative colitis are:

1. Ulcerative Proctitis

This is the mildest form of ulcerative colitis in this the inflammation is near to the anus. Rectal bleeding is the sign seen in this condition.

2. Left-sided Colitis

In this type of colitis the inflammation starts from the rectum and seen up to the sigmoid and descending colon. Abdominal cramps, loose stools with blood, weight loss, pain on the left side of the abdomen are the signs and symptoms associated with it.

3. Proctosigmoiditis

In this, the lower end of the colon is inflamed that involves (the rectum & sigmoid colon). Abdominal cramps, pain in the abdomen, loose stool with blood, & tenesmus are the signs & symptoms related in it.

4. Pancolitis

This is a severe condition that affects the entire colon. The signs and symptoms related to this are abdominal cramps, fatigue, abdominal pain, weight loss, loose stool with blood & mucus.

5. Acute severe Ulcerative Colitis

In this situation, the entire colon is affected with the colitis. The signs and symptoms related to it are severe pain, loose stool with bleeding, weight loss, weakness, loss of appetite, etc.

Who are at a Higher Risk of Ulcerative Colitis?

There are different risk factors associated with ulcerative colitis like:

1. Age

It is one of the important factors in which ulcerative colitis may begin before the age of 30. The disease can occur at any age in some cases the disease may develop after age 60.

2. Hereditary

If your parents, sibling is having this disease then you can also become a carrier.

What are the Possible Complications of Ulcerative Colitis?

There are different complications related to this disease mentioned in detail below:

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Inflammation in skin, joints, & eyes
  • Perforated colon
  • Colon cancer
  • Osteoporosis (Bone loss)
  • Swelling in colon
  • Excessive mucus formation
  • Severe dehydration

What is the Ayurvedic View & Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis?

In Ayurveda Ulcerative colitis is correlated to “Grahni roga” in which mainly pitta dosha is imbalanced along with the kapha dosha. The Rakta & Mamsa Dhatu are affected in the body with this disease. These all are due to including excessive Pitta vardhak ahar in your diet. For a proper treatment of ulcerative colitis Ayurveda contain various herbs that act on the root cause & vanish it from there. Chandigarh Ayurved Centre the best centre that dealing with chronic patients since 131 years provides “Ulcerative colitis care pack” that treats this disease easily. The pack comprises in it five products Ulcerative colitis sachet, Pitshekhar Ras, Kutajghan vati, Noni capsule, & Amalpitmishran.


The description of all products in detail:

1. Ulcerative Sachet

These herbal sachets are prepared from combinations of herbs and minerals. The ingredients like prawal pishti, shukta pishti, Giloy satv, kehrva pishti, Jahar Mohra pishti, akik pishti, sutshekhar ras, shankh bhasma, kamdudha ras, moti bhasma are present in it.

  • Prawal pshti: This herbal bhasma is prepared from coral calcium that provides good results in bleeding related to ulcerative colitis. It provides a cooling and calming effect on the body.
  • Shukta pishti: This bhasma contains pearl oyster shell calcium that balances the pitta dosha in body.
  • Giloy satv: The antioxidant nature of this satv removes all toxins from the body. It reduces inflammation in ulcerative colitis patients.
  • Kehrva pishti: This herbal pishti reduces inflammation & bloody stools related to ulcerative colitis patients.
  • Jahar Mohra pishti: It helps in detoxification of the body. The antidiarrheal, antibacterial, & digestive stimulant properties of this pishti give good results in ulcerative colitis patient.
  • Akik pishti: The herbal pishti reduces excessive heat & general weakness in the body.
  • Sutshekhar ras: This ras gives effective results in gastritis, bloating, indigestion in ulcerative colitis patients.
  • Kamdudha ras: It is an herbal-mineral preparation that reduces burning sensation, weakness, and hot flashes in ulcerative colitis patients.
  • Moti bhasma: This bhasma reduces heat in the body. It cools down the digestive system and reduces inflammation.

Recommended Dosage: Take 1 sachet twice daily with normal water.

2. Pitshekhar Ras

These are herbal tablets prepared from ingredients like Shuddha Gandhak, Tankan Bhasma, Tamra Bhasma, Shankh Bhasma, Sonth, Pippali, Maricha, Dalchini, Tejpata, Elaichi, Bael, etc. The use of these tablets balances Pitta dosha in the body that removes all toxins. It reduces burning sensation, heaviness, acidic reflux, and headache in ulcerative colitis patients and acts as a natural coolant.

Recommended Dosage: Take 1 tablet twice daily with normal water.

3. Kutaja Parpati Vati

This herbal tablet is prepared from Kutaj (Holarrhena antidysenterica) & Ativisha (Aconitum heterophyllum) that contains antidysenteric, antidiarrheal, antimicrobial, haemostatic, & antioxidant properties. All signs & symptoms related to ulcerative colitis are treated with the use of these vati.

Recommended Dosage: Take 2 tablets twice daily with normal water.

4. Noni Capsule

These are totally herbal and natural capsules prepared from the standardized extract of the Morinda citrifolia. Abdominal pain & inflammation are cured in ulcerative colitis with the use of these capsules.

Recommended Dosage: Take 1 capsule twice daily with normal water.

5. Amalpitmishran

This ayurvedic syrup contains various herbs such as Vasa, Guduchi, Patol, Nimba, Yashtimadhu, etc that balances Pitta dosha in the body. The use of the syrup reduces pain, nausea, bloating, etc associated with ulcerative colitis.

Recommended Dosage: Take 2 teaspoonful twice daily.

Which Types of Panchakarma Procedures For Ulcerative Colitis Patients?

As we known, Panchakarma provides effective results along with Ayurvedic medicines. But in ulcerative colitis patients as we know a patient is already so weak in health. So we avoid panchakarma but the patients whose condition is little bit better Chandigarh Ayurved Centre recommends Yapna Basti to that patient in less quantity.

Diet & Healthy Tips for Ulcerative Colitis Patients:

Diet plays an important role in the life of ulcerative colitis patients. These patients should eat a healthy diet & avoid processed, fried, spicy food products.

  • You should include yellow & pink lentils in your diet. Rest all lentils should be avoided.
  • If you are not able to digest wheatflour (Gehu atta) than you should start with cornflour (Makki atta). You can also take white rice if you want to eat light food.
  • Include vegetables like bottle-gourd, ridge-gourd, bitter-gourd, boiled potato, pumpkin, etc in your diet & avoid brinjal, capsicum, garlic, onion, ginger, yam, etc.
  • Eat fruits like apple, banana, pear, melon, etc & avoid oranges, lemon, pineapple, etc.
  • You can use spices like coriander, cumin, fennel, & avoid red chilies, black pepper, turmeric, black cardamom, Dalchini, etc.
  • Drink green coconut water daily.
  • Prepare a juice of pomegranate, coriander leaves, carrot, & apple. Drink this juice daily once.
  • If you are suffering from hyperacidity, bloating related to ulcerative colitis than prepare an herbal tea from coriander, cumin, fennel, green cardamom. Take these in equal quantity boil in three to four cups of water until remaining one cup. Strain the mixture, let it cool down, & drink once or twice daily.
  • You can take two boiled egg-whites but avoid all kind of non-vegetarian diet.
  • Early in the morning on an empty stomach drink 20 ml of coriander juice with marigold flower juice.
  • Don’t exert your body as avoid excessive exercises but you can do few breathing exercises.
  • Drink plenty of water.

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