Cardiovax composition

The Price of Cardiovax matches its unique composition. The main thing against hypertension are bioflavonoids. They are obtained from such components of the drug as:

  • Valerian root — relieves stress, removes insomnia;
  • Motherwort — has a sedative effect;
  • Green coffee — cleans blood vessels;
  • Hawthorn — normalizes heart function;
  • Humulus lupulus — removes blood clots, makes the walls of blood vessels stronger;
  • Horsetail and oregano extract — regulate blood sugar levels;
  • Lemon balm extract — affects kidney function, helps to lose weight, increases metabolic rate.

Operating principle

Thanks to its balanced formula, the drug quickly helps to normalize blood pressure. Without causing a sharp rise or fall in pressure, it comprehensively heals the entire body and normalizes the work of the heart muscle, eliminates angina pectoris, arrhythmia, neurosis, improves memory, restores speech and movement after a stroke.

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People who want to order Cardiovax will be interested to know for what reasons the pressure can become high:

  • Age — the older the person, the higher the risk of high blood pressure.
  • Heredity — if your close relatives have hypertension, your chances of developing it are much higher.
  • Ethnic background — people of African or South Asian ancestry have a higher risk of developing hypertension.
  • Obesity and Overweight — overweight and obese people are more likely to develop high blood pressure compared to people of normal weight.
  • Some aspects of gender — in general, high blood pressure is more common in adult men than women. However, after 60 years, men and women are equally susceptible.
  • Physical inactivity — lack of exercise, as well as a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of developing hypertension.
  • Smoking causes the blood vessels to constrict, which leads to high blood pressure. Smoking also lowers the oxygen in the blood, so the heart must pump faster to compensate, causing blood pressure to rise.
  • Alcohol consumption — according to researchers, people who drink regularly have higher blood pressure than people who don’t.
  • High salt intake — researchers reported that people who eat a little salt have lower blood pressure than those who like salty.
  • A diet high in fat leads to an increased risk of high blood pressure.
  • Mental stress, especially in the long term, can seriously affect blood pressure.
  • Diabetes — people with diabetes are at a higher risk of developing hypertension.

Disease symptoms

Those who use Cardiovax note that most people with high blood pressure will not have any symptoms. For this reason, he is often called the «silent killer». However, once the blood pressure reaches approximately 180/110, it is considered a medical emergency known as a hypertensive crisis. Symptoms will appear at this stage, including:

  • headache and dizziness;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • blurry or split vision;
  • irregular or violent heartbeat.

If hypertension is not treated or controlled, excessive pressure on the walls of the artery can lead to consequences such as:

  • damage to blood vessels, as well as vital organs;
  • stroke;
  • heart attack and heart failure;
  • aneurysm;
  • kidney disease;
  • thickened, narrow, or lacerated blood vessels in the eyes;
  • metabolic syndrome;
  • problems with brain function or memory.

Benefits of the product

After examining the reviews about Cardiovax, you can note the main advantages of it:

  • fast pressure normalization
  • restoration of vascular tone and elasticity
  • suitable for people of any age
  • applicable at any stage of hypertension
  • no side effects from Cardiovax

Research data

Those who are interested in price of medicine Cardiovax in India should know that studies have shown the effectiveness of this product. In 2011, tests were carried out in which men and women of different ages took part. The process lasted almost a month. People who have taken Cardiovax have shown the following results:

  • all have normalized blood pressure;
  • venous thrombosis disappeared;
  • the arrhythmia has disappeared.
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