OneLifeNigeria® Black Walnut Tincture is the Original formula. Product specifics were established by a personal visit from its creator: A doctor and published author. 1 oz. per bottle. Non-GMO.

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OneLifeNigeria’s Black Walnut Tincture was first commercially manufactured years ago. This, after the product specifics were established by a personal visit from its creator. She was a research doctor and published author. Her input helped ensure this product met her stringent specifications. This formulation is her specified extra strength from fresh GREEN hulls [a 1:1 ratio of gm herb to ml menstruum (1/2 teaspoon contains extractives from 2,500 mg fresh plant material]. When commercially manufactured in a lab, it is this formulation, not the color of the liquid, that determines its potency. This tincture is packaged in glass bottles with a fully integrated eye dropper tops. This product is sold as a standalone item. But, more commonly as one of the three components in OneLifeNigeria’s Original Para Kit. (The other two: Original Premium Quality Pure Cloves and Original Premium Quality Pure Wormwood).

As it is now understood; there is a strong relationship between the gut and the immune system as well as the gut and the brain. Therefore, addressing the health and balance of gut flora has the potential benefit of addressing symptoms throughout the body. As research continues regarding the direct links between gut flora and health issues, most experts agree that we have not yet even begun to scratch the surface. We do acknowledge there is importance in targeting gut function or gaining a healthy gut balance and that it may become one of the most important things we can do for our overall health.

Important Note: When using Black Walnut Tincture: OneLifeNigeria does NOT recommend the use of disposable pipettes (often called droppers) for dispensing the black walnut tincture. These pipettes are meant to be used once and then thrown away. For this reason, we provide an eye dropper integrated in each bottle. This insures a convenient and clean delivery of the product. Disposable pipettes were developed as a single use devise. Reusing one over and over is a questionable practice.


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