Leucoderma is defined as the appearance of white patches over the face, scalp and genital area due to a gradual loss of skin pigment known as melanin pigment. It generally starts from a small spot that later spreads into patches. Over time, due to continuous loss of melanin pigment, the patches become whiter and start merging with one another thereby creating a broad patch. Most of the skin changes might become noticeable around the age of 10-30 years.

In other terms, it is known as Vitiligo, it mainly occurs when pigment-producing cells die or stop functioning. This may have a genetic component as the condition tends to run in families. Vitiligo does not have any significant health consequences; however, it can have emotional and psychological consequences. It can be focal or localized to one area or may affect several different areas on the body.

 What are the Causes of Leucoderma?

The exact cause of Leucoderma is not known but commonly are –

  • Excessive stress or worry
  • Chronic gastric problems
  • Improper liver functions like jaundice
  • Excessive consumption of incompatible foodstuffs
  • Presence of worms or parasites in the digestive system
  • Burns
  • Hereditary factor
  • Tattoos on the skin
  • Allergy factors such as deodorants, paints, adhesive, etc.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Leucorrhoea?

Some of the common signs & symptoms are given below –

  • Primary symptoms are the De-pigmentation of the skin resulting in irregular patches, milky-white patches, which gradually grow in size.
  • Premature greying of the hair and eyelashes
  • Loss of color in the mucous membranes which line the inside of the mouth
  • Loss or alteration of the color in the retina
  • Depression
  • Mood swings

What is an Ayurvedic View of Leucorrhea?

According to Ayurveda, Leucoderma is compared with ‘’Shvet kushtha’’. Shvet kushtha is caused due to the aggravation of the pitta dosha in the body. Vitiated pitta causes poor digestion and this leads to the accumulation of the ama or toxins in the deep tissues of the body, leading to the condition of leucoderma.

There are a total of five divisions of the pitta dosha; one of them is bhrajak pitta, which is responsible for imparting color to the skin. In the case of shvet kushtha, bhrajak pitta is in the imbalanced state thus our skin starts losing its color and white patches are formed. Rasa dhatu, rakta dhatu, mansa dhatu and lasika are also imbalanced in this disease.

What is an Ayurvedic Treatment of Leucoderma?

Ayurvedic treatment pacifies the imbalanced body energies, cleansing the blood and administrating herbs that restore the skin color. Ayurveda has numerous natural herbs that help in the reduction of the leucoderma.

Chandigarh Ayurved Centre facilitates the best remedy that is considered useful for the leucoderma, here we provided the complete package known as ‘’Leucoderma Care Kit’’, which has proven results in treating this condition. The kit contains the following products – Tolenorm oil, Tolenorm ointment, Detox premium powder, Bakuchi vati, Panchtiktak Ghrita guggulu, Yakrit vati.



1. Tolenorm Oil

Tolenorm oil is specially formulated with both polar and non-polar actives prepared through a unique process from the following herbs – Svetakutaja (Wrightia tinctoria), Bakuchi (Psoralea corylifolia), Neelini (Indigofera tintoria), Pippali (Piper longum), and Narikela (Oleum cocos nucifera). Tolrnorm oil is proven to be very effective in the management of leucoderma as it offers quick absorption and has a faster action. It converts melanin to keratinocytes and helps in retaining the existing melanin skin.

Method of application – Apply thrice a day over depigmented areas.

2. Tolenorm Ointment

It is the best herbal cream in Leucoderma, as it increases the skin pigmentation, improves the tyrosinase activity. Tolenorm ointment is a combination of ingredients such as– Svetakutaja (Wrightia tinctoria), Bakuchi (Psoralea corylifolia), Neelini (Indigofera tintoria), Pippali (Piper longum), and Narikela (Oleum cocos nucifera). This ointment gives a fast onset of re-pigmentation, usually within 6-8 weeks. It has quick absorption and restricts disease progression.

Method of application – Apply thrice a day over depigmented areas.

3. Bakuchi Vati

Bakuchi is an important herb used in Indian medicines from ancient times and still providing various herbal remedies to mankind. Bakuchi vati has both curative and nutritive values. It helps in cleansing your blood and micro-organisms and gets a healthy, glowing skin. The vati has a powerful effect against skin bacteria. Bakuchi helps in shrinking the white patches; the darker area slowly covers all the white skin area, which leads to visible skin changes.

Recommended Dosage – Take 2 tablets twice a day with normal water.

4. Detox Premium Powder

The powder contains a combination of herbal medicines which are beneficial in the treatment of leucoderma. This herbal powder contains ingredients like- Moti pishti, Parwal pishti, Shukta pishti, Giloy satva, Jahar mohra, Akik pishti, Gandhak rasayan, Tal sindoor, etc. These ingredients balance all the Tridosha. The ingredients mainly detox the body and eliminate toxic substances. It helps by purifying the blood, eliminates the blockage and stopping the secondary infections.

Recommended Dosage – Take 1 sachet twice a day with normal water.

5. Panchatikta Ghrita Guggulu

Panchatikta Ghrita Guggulu is an Herbal ghee prepared in tablet form which is mainly used for skin diseases. It promotes detoxification and rejuvenation. This Tablet is a natural source of Anti-oxidants. It makes vibrant and healthy skin.

Recommended Dosage– Take 2 tablets twice a day with normal water.

6. Yakrit Vati

Yakrit vati is an Ayurvedic medicine used in the treatment of liver and spleen disorders. It helps in removing chemicals from the body and provides oxygenated blood to the body. It helps in the removal of excess fat from the liver and helps in the regeneration of damaged liver cells. Yakrit vati maintains the circulation of the blood which ultimately gets an effect in the skin condition.

Recommended Dosage– Take 2 tablets twice a day with normal water.

What is the Panchakarma Treatment of Leucoderma?

Panchakarma plays a very important role in the treatment of leucoderma as it helps in detoxifying the toxins and maintained the proper blood circulation. Chandigarh Ayurved Centre provides the best therapies to cure the leucoderma in a natural way, the therapies include are – Nasyam, Body lepam, Shashtik shali pinda sweda.

  • Nasyam – It is the procedure in administration of medicated oil through the nose to cleanse accumulated Kapha toxins from the head and neck region.
  • Body lepam–In body lepam a number of herbs are crushed to form a paste-like mixture which is applied over the affected area. The lepam is removed after prescribed time and gives best result to cure the leucoderma.
  • Shashtik Shali Pinda Sweda -It is done by using hot milk mixed with shasti shali rice and herbs. The massage is done with the help of bolus (basically an udder-like object filled with fluid). This provides strength to the muscles.

Healthy Tips and Diet for Leucoderma Patients

  • Antioxidants – this includes enough amounts of fruits and vegetables so that it keeps you fresh and active, also helps the body from free radicals.
  • Increase consuming vegetables which include French beans, radish, carrots, spinach, etc.
  • Avoid consuming incompatible food items like eating milk and fish together.
  • Mango, grapes, walnut, dates are highly beneficial in leucoderma.
  • Avoid taking sour food items with milk.
  • Avoid exposure to excessive cold and hot weather conditions.
  • Adequate sleep is acquired as it makes your mind and body refresh.
  • Avoid excessive intake of beverages i.e. tea, coffee, alcohol.
  • Drink 20ml of Neem juice every day. This is highly beneficial for people suffering from leucoderma.
  • Take care of personal hygiene.
  • Wash the fruits and vegetables properly to reduce the pesticides and insecticides.
  • More and more fluids should be taken to maintain the pH balance.
  • Yoga and Asana are very effective in developing stamina and improves body immunity. Yoga, exercises help to develop the new cells and remove away the dead cells from the skin. It also acts on the endocrine glands of the body thus regulate the production of the hormone. Common techniques are – Medication, Nadishodhana Pranayama, Bharamari Pranayama, Sitkari Pranayama, Kapalbhati, Padmasana, Sidshasana, etc.

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